MapInfo Pro Inverse selection

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
A MapInfo Pro user has 2 tables, a small table and a larger table and would like to query out those records in the larger table that are NOT found in the smaller table.
First, make sure the larger table is made mappable if there are no map objects present in the table.

In Pro 64-bit, go to Tables > Maintenance > Tables > Modify table Structure, select the table and check the checkbox
"Table is Mappable".
(For Pro 32-bit, go to Table > Maintenance> Table Structure)

Before running the query, display the larger table in a Browser window.

Now go to Map >  SQL Select (64-bit) and for the "From Tables" section list the larger table and then the smaller table.
Set the join condition in the "Where" section, such as largetable.ID = smalltable.ID, etc.
This query will find all records in the large table which ARE found in the small table.

Uncheck "Browse results" and run the query.
The query will select records in the larger table being browsed and the selected records meeting the join should be highlighted in the larger table.

Now simply click on the invert selection button (for 64-bit Pro, Map > Selection > Invert) which will deselect those highlighted records and select the records which failed the join, i.e. the records in the larger table NOT found in the smaller table.

Now this invert selection can be browsed, saved or exported as desired.

UPDATED:  December 5, 2019