Converting region objects to point objects in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

We suggest users first make a copy of the region objects table (File>save copy as), as the region objects will be removed by converting them to points. After copying (Home > Save > Save Copy As), open the copy of the table and then display the MapBasic Window
(Home > Windows > Tool windows > MapBasic window).

Type in the following command, using the actual table name to be converted, and press enter:

update <tablename> set obj = createpoint(centroidX(obj), centroidY(obj))
This will convert the regions to their geographic centroids (points) which can be saved and used as a point table for thematic mapping, etc.

Note: since version 7.x, there is an easy alternative:

1. Make copy of the table (Home > Save > Save Copy As) and open the copy.

2. Choose Home > Tools > Tool Extensions > Registered and double-click on "Coordinate Extractor" and then load the tool at the Running tab. Use the tool to extract the coordinates of centroids of the region objects to fields present or added to the table to hold the coordinates of the centroids for each region.

3. Choose Table > Maintenance > Table > Modify Table Structure and load the table in question and then uncheck the "table is mappable" box - this will remove all map objects, which is why making a copy of the table is recommended before any procedure.

4. Choose Spatial > Create > Create Points and use the extracted coordinates from step 2 to create points located at the centroids of the region objects.

UPDATED:  July 30, 2019