How To upgrading from Portrait Interaction Optimizer v5.5 to v5.5 U1 does the database need upgrading?

When upgrading from Portrait Interaction Optimizer (IO) version 5.5 to version 5.5 Update 1, the installation guide explains that much of the previous software must be uninstalled and the new version re-installed.
In order to not lose any existing configuration or customer data, this does not apply to the PSR and DW databases - which can be re-used as their schemas are identical between these two specific versions of the software.
However, to be sure that the they are identical, is it crucial to install all database related patches for IO version 5.5 before uninstalling the Portrait Shared Server (PSS). These patches can be found in the usual Portrait Software FTP location. Please contact Pitney Bowes Support if you are unsure of this location.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017