What keywords can be used to check for explode.bat failures in the TestFileSha.log file in Verimove

Products Affected:  Verimove
There is not a standard explode.log unless one is made when exploding the database (for example, run "explode.bat > explode.log" on the command line). When explode.bat is executed by double clicking on the bat file, that command window goes away, so the explode script information is not saved except in the TestFileSha.log.

TestFileSha log will contain any errors (rare cases other errors may cause corruption that would only be caught with the "explode > explode.log" so all the script output is saved). 

An example of a corrupted clk.a.hs1 file and clk.b.hs7 file would appear as follows in the TestfileSha.log:

Line 540: 

Tue May 12 17:42:13 20XX Reading clk.a.hs1...Hashing...FAILED.

Line 583:

Tue May 12 17:42:15 20XX Reading clk.b.hs7...Hashing...FAILED.

It's always possible that the database was corrupted after a true successful explode but before you a job is run. It is possible to run testfilesha.exe by itself (outside of explode.bat):

1) Open a dos command window
2) Navigate to <Verimove install>\Tables
3) Run " TestFileSha.exe "<ncoa Data>\dvdhdr*.dat" "<ncoa data>"

Example: TestFileSha.exe "C:\USPSDATA_test\dvdhdr*.dat" "C:\USPSDATA_test"

4) The TestFileSha.log should say " Some parts of validation failed. Please review log file" at the end if there was a failure.

Based on these errors, the probable keywords to check for are “failed” and/or 'FAILED".
UPDATED:  September 11, 2017