How to migrate to a new version of SQL Server for Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Application Infrastructure
For the version of Confirm® that you are running firstly ensure that the Microsoft SQL Server version you are moving to is supported. Check the document 'Confirm Supported Platforms.pdf', supplied with your installation media.

You will need to change the settings on the following screen to point to the new database : 

Main > System Administration > All System Settings > Database Settings

The Confirm configuration (.cfg) file should then be updated accordingly. Please note: Pitney Bowes do not recommend editing this file manually, however it can opened up in a text editor to verify that it is correct.

If, as above, you are using a supported version of SQL Server then you should, at this point, be in a position to commence testing. Ensure you migrate a non-production database first of all and that you are pointing a non-production version of Confirm at the new database for testing purposes.

If, after these steps, there are still problems with your migration then the possibility of a referral to Pitney Bowes' Services section would have to considered.
UPDATED:  September 13, 2017