MapInfo Professional and alignment problems using tables with a Longitude/Latitude NO Datum projection

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The projection "longitude/latitude" has no Datum parameter and can cause problems when trying to reproject to match other table's projections.  This can appear as shifting, alignment, and other problems such as disappearing objects when zooming.

Although Longitude/Latitude with No datum is used for the CoordSys entry of "longitude/latitude", its ellipsoid measure is based on the WGS84 ellipsoid.
However, when trying to line up tables with different projections, any temporary, "on-the-fly" Coordinate Conversion to or from this Lon/Lat NO Datum projection will not be extremely accurate since no Datum conversions will occur.

To help with some shifting problems, save a copy of the long/lat no datum table into long/lat NAD83 or WGS84.  This can help solve some problems, but may not be a complete solution since there are still no values to the added data parameters.

To create a copy into a new projection perform the following:
32bit -
File>save copy as...>Rename the new table and click the "projection" button in the lower right.  Select Longitude/Latitude NAD 83 or WGS 84 and save the new table.  File>close table and close the original.  Then file>open to open and work with the new table.

64bit -
Home>Save copy as>  then follow the same process listed for the 32bit version.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019