PostalOne! gave error about Periodicals In-County Mail pieces cannot be in Firm Bundles when using MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
(This occurred in May 2015.  The USPS may have changed PostalOne! since then. 
But as of Sept 2019, the Mail.dat CQT-1008 field mentioned below still does not have a value for in-county Firm bundles.)

When a MailStream Plus™ (MSP) user uploaded his Mail.dat files to USPS PostalOne!, it gave error 3963 "The .cqt number of Pieces must be equal to the .cqt Number of copies." on Field Code CQT-1103.

It was referring to 26 in-county copies that presorted into 5 Firm Bundles.   

The Mail.dat standards for CQT-1008, do not have a value for In-County Firm Bundles.  There is-
FB = "Firm Bundle (Not In-County) "
N = "Presort (1C, 4C); In County Basic (2C); Custom Market Mail (3C)."

As shown above, there is no value for In-county Firm Bundles.
MSP assigned the 'N' values to the pieces.  
Therefore, PostalOne! does not recognize it as valid, and expects the number of copies to equal the number of pieces.  

Although the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM ) in section 207 says it is allowed to put In-County pieces into Firm Bundles-
2.1.3 Applying In-County Piece Prices
An addressed piece can be a single individually addressed copy or a firm bundle containing unaddressed or individually addressed copies for the same address. The per piece charge is based on the number of addressed pieces (not the number of copies). For In-County mail, piece prices apply to each addressed piece, based on the sorting done by the publisher. Piece prices for automation mailings are based on the bundle level (or tray level for unbundled pieces in trays); piece prices for nonautomation mailings are based on the tray or sack level. 

The mailer using MSP asked about it at the USPS Postal Forum, and said -
I talked to the manager of PCSC here at the forum. He admitted per the DMM it is doable, but there is no way to put it on a 3541 or in the Mail.dat, and he does not want to add any more lines on the 3541.  (So) we just turned off firm bundling since there were only a few of them created.
UPDATED:  September 18, 2019