How to copy job parameters from one file to another file or from one installation to another installation in MailStream Plus on the IBMi platform

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions
Operating System: IBMi (AS400 OS400 iSeries)
When you are looking at a new or existing job, it will look like this
 Job @IVP@             Define and/or Submit a Presort Job              R08.2M01

 Type options, press Enter.
   2=Edit  6=Create
                                      *-------- Last Activity ---------*
   Opt  Function                      Date         Time       User
 PX _   Defaults for Print Output     07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 PA _   Mailing Piece Attributes      07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 ST _   Name/Address File Layout      07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 PD _   Presort Definition            07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 NA _   Name/Address Record Posting   07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 M3 _   MAIL360                       07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 RI _   Information for USPS Reports  07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME
 RR _   Report Selection              07/21/2014   14:11:26   USERNAME

 SB _   Submit Batch Job              11/17/2014   14:18:02   USERNAME

Putting a 6 in the Opt column next to one of the functions and hitting <Enter> gives you these three choices-

1.  Use existing information for this job, if any.
2.  Copy existing information from another job.
3.  Copy information stored in an external file.

Option 1 shows you what the job already has, if anything.

Option 2 allows you to copy the parameters for that function from another job that is in this MailStream Plus™ (MSP) installation.

Option 3 allows you to copy the parameters from another job that is *not* in the current installation. say from a job that is in your 'testing' installation.  Option 3 gives you this screen-
   Copy information stored in an external file.     File . . . .
                                                      Library. .
                                                    Member . . .  @@PXT

The 'File' would be PRMMSjobid, where jobid is the name of the PROD job.  The 'Library' is the Work Library of the 'testing' job.
You could use this to copy the parameters for each of the functions in the new job.

So option 3 would be useful if you have an existing MSP installation, and you want to copy the job(s) into a new separate installation.

Note: if the 'testing' library is one version of MSP like 8.2.1, and the current library is a new version like 8.3.0, copying the member after 8.3.0 is installed will *not* update the file from 8.2.1 to 8.3.0.  The copied job would have to already have been setup in the current library before the new version of MSP (8.3.0) is installed there. That way the job would get updated (forwarded) from 8.2.1 to 8.3.0.
UPDATED:  July 19, 2019