How to print to scale in MapInfo Professional x32

Products Affected: MapInfo Professional
To get MapInfo Professional® to print at the correct scale, for example 10cm, follow the steps below.
  1. Once you have the Map open please use the corners of the screen to make the Map Window fill the work area. Please do not use the maximize button.
  2. Right click on the Map and then select Change View. In the Map Scale field type in 0.1. Select OK.
  3. Go to Map>Options and in the When Resizing Window: area please choose Preserve Current Scale. Select OK.
  4. Now go to File>Print and select Options. In Map Contents select Centered on Window.
  5. For Custom Map Scale field please type in 0.1 and select OK and OK.
  6. You should see that the Grids lines measure to 10 cm.
UPDATED:  September 6, 2017