How to change the version of a TAB file to open in an earlier version in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Professional® and MapInfo Pro ™

Follow these steps to attempt and make a newer version of a .TAB file open in an older version of MapInfo Pro.

Please note this may not always work due to newer features in new releases of MapInfo Pro that are not in older versions.

Step 1.

Open the user specific .TAB file with Notepad. Change version number at the top to either  450 through 1250 depending on the version of Professional that will be opened with.  An example would be Changing the version number from 1250 to 750 as the version of MapInfo Professional 7.5 is being used.

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File Versions and TAB, MIF/MID, and WOR Support

The following table lists changes (and their implications) to versions in .tab, workspace, and other files used by MapInfo Professional.

TAB files are always saved as 300 unless noted in the table
WOR files are always saved as 400 unless noted in the table
Once a table is 'upgraded' to a later version, MapInfo Professional does not 'downgrade' it to an earlier version if the feature which forced the 'upgrade' is removed.
Workspaces are written fresh each time, and Workspace versions can be decreased if there are no features in them that require using a higher version.
Pen(0,0,0) and Brush(0,0,0), which were valid in MapInfo Professional 4.1 tables are not valid in MapInfo Professional 4.5 and later.
Line widths in points is encoded in the Pen clause by multiplying the line width value by 10 and adding 10 to the result (.2 -> 12, 1.0 -> 20, etc.). This forces a 450 in the MIF file header.
Interleaved line styles are encoded in the Pen clause by increasing the line style value by 128. This does not force a 450 workspace, it is 4.x compatible, and is saved as 400 TAB.

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019