Editing key strokes for certain MapInfo Pro functions

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
Since MapInfo Pro version 12.5.3,  a Tool called "Command Editor" (now called "Keyboard Shortcuts" since MapInfo Pro 17.x)  is included which allows users to change the key strokes for various functions in MapInfo Pro.

To load the tool:
  1. Go to Home > Tools > Registered.
  2. check the checkbox for "Autoload" to load the tool for every session or double-click it to load it just for this session.

To use the tool once loaded:
  1. Go to Home > Tools > Running > Command Editor.
  2. Select the function you want to change.
  3. Enter the new keystroke(s).
  4. Click "Update".

The Command Editor customizes keyboard short-cuts and command resources. Use this tool to edit the following command resources in MapInfo Pro.

  • Key gesture (command keyboard short-cuts)
  • Menu item text
  • Menu item toggle text
  • ToolTip description
  • ToolTip text
  • ToolTip disabled text

The Command Editor creates a copy of the MAPINFOPRO.MNU file, located in the MapInfo Pro installation directory, and edits the copy. This file contains command short-cuts and context menu definitions for MapInfo Pro. Changing a short-cut in the MAPINFOPRO.MNU file can break the default setting for the short-cut, which is why edits are made to a copy. The copy of the file is user specific and is created at following location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1520 (where username is the Windows user)

Using the Command Editor Tool

Launch the Command Editor on the HOME tab, in the Tools group, by clicking Tool Extensions. On the Running tab, click Command Editor. If you do not see the Command Editor, then locate it on the Registered tab and double click on it.

The Command Editor window lists the key gestures for each command. Click on a key gesture to edit it. You can also add a key gesture to a command that does not already have one. Clicking Update saves your changes, which are user-specific, and a pop-up window appears informing that the changes will take affect when MapInfo Pro is started next time. Clicking Cancel closes the window without saving changes.

To revert all key strokes back to their original settings, click Restore to Defaults.

In the Basic view of the Command Editor tool, only key gesture column is available for editing. Click on Advanced to see more options.

Use the scroll bars to see all of the columns of information for a command. For any command, you can update its:

  • Key gesture: The sequence of key strokes that enable the command
  • Menu item text: The name of the context menu items
  • Menu item toggle text: Not used
  • Tool tip description: A summary or title, which is the first line of text that displays when hovering the mouse over the command name in the Pro ribbon
  • Tool tip text: A description, which is the second line of text after the tool tip description
  • Tool tip disabled text: Displays when the command is unavailable

NOTE: in MapInfo Pro ver. 17. x and later, the "Command Editor" has been renamed "Keyboard Shortcuts".
UPDATED:  July 24, 2019