Enabling the Subdivide Print Option for earlier versions of MapInfo Professional

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Printing Large and Complex Output Improved for earlier version of MapInfo Professional starting with 8.5.1. This fix only applies to MapInfo Professional v8.5.1 and older. 

Note: This work around only applies to MapInfo Professional v8.5.1 and older. To check what version of MapInfo Professional clients are using, choose Help > About This MapInfo Product. If the version is not v8.5.1, then clients will need to install the patch. To get the patch, choose Help > Check For Updates.

If clients receive the 'Cannot Print' error message when printing, the error could be due to one of the following:

• Large format (large page size) maps or layouts containing raster or grid layers that may be translucent or transparent

In this case, many times the maps or layouts did not print at all, or if they did print, the translucent or transparent layers did not print properly.

• Maps made up of multiple pages that contain borders 

In this case multiple page maps with a border around the entire map would print with borders around each page instead.

• Maps that contained labels that span more than one page

In this case, the labels would not print at all or would not print properly. Largely, these issues were caused by the demand these print requests placed on the system resources in your computer. 

To resolve these issues we now offer an option that breaks down a print request into smaller blocks, which reduces the demand on your system’s resources. Each block is sent individually to the printer driver. This change may allow you to print large and complex images that you could not print in the past. We call this feature Subdivide Print. We limit the size of each block to 8192 x 8192 pixels.


During testing we discovered that many printer drivers handled this new option properly. However we found that the output of some printer drivers resulted in gaps that display at the block boundaries. Therefore, MapInfo does not enable this option by default. Since these gaps may affect the quality of the final output, Tech Support are giving clients the ability to enable this option.

Note: If clients have both a postscript and a non-postscript version of your printer driver, tech support recommends to try both to see which version gives users better results.

Enabling the New Option

To use this new option, users need to add a registry key to the local machine. Tech Support has created an online Knowledge Base document that contains the registration (.reg) files inside a ZIP file that clients can use to enable or disable this option automatically (Attached to article). Clients will need to save the ZIP file locally, open the ZIP file and double-click the appropriate registry file to add this option to the registry. Adding registry keys to the computer requires Administrator rights, or at least write access to the computer’s registry. If the user does not have this type of access, tech support recommends clients see their System Administrator for instructions.

Enabling the Subdivide Print Option

To enable the Subdivide Print option using the Knowledge Base document:

1. Double-click the SubdividePrint.ZIP icon. A file download dialog box displays to offer you the option to open or save the ZIP file.

Attached to Article

2. Select Save and select the path preferred to save the ZIP file locally. Then follow that path to the saved file and double-click it to open the ZIP file and save the two registry files locally.

3. Double-click the SubdividePrint.reg icon to add the new key to the registry.

This option takes effect the next time users open MapInfo Professional.

Disabling the Subdivide Print Option Using the Knowledge Base Document

If users try this option and want to remove this functionality, to disable the registry entry, following these instructions.

Note: Follow the instructions on Enabling the Subdivide Print Option.

To disable the Subdivide Print option:

1. Go to the directory that contains the registration (.reg) files downloaded earlier. 

2. To remove the Subdivide Print option, double-click the UndoSubdividePrint.reg icon. The registry entry is updated with the new value.

This option takes effect the next time you open MapInfo Professional.

Enabling the Subdivide Print Option Manually

If users do not have access to the Internet, and want to add this option manually, follow these instructions.

To enable the Subdivide Print option by entering the registration key manually:

1. From the Start menu, click Run and type the command regedit. Click OK to display the Registry Editor window.

2. In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE entry, navigate to Software > Wow6432Node > MapInfo > MapInfo > Common.

3. From the Edit menu, select New > DWORD Value. A new entry displays in the list.

4. Right-click the entry and select Rename. Rename the new entry SubdividePrinting and press Enter.

5. Double-click the new entry to display the Edit DWORD Value dialog box.

6. To enable the Subdivide Print option, type 1 in the Value data field and click OK.

To disable this functionality, return to this dialog box, type 0 in the Value data field and click OK.

This option takes effect the next time you open MapInfo Professional.

Note: users can also remove this registry entry entirely to remove this option.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019