Converting data to be uppercase, lowercase, the character encoding set, etc using List Conversion Plus

Product Affected: List Conversion Plus 
Using List Conversion Plus, the XLTFLD and XLTALL parameter records enable you to use tables to translate data in your input record. The following translation tables are available:
  • EBCDIC — translates to EBCDIC.
  • ASCII — translates to ASCII.
  • ASCEBC — translates to ASCII and then to EBCDIC.
  • EBCASC — translates to EBCDIC and then to ASCII.
  • UPPER — translates lowercase letters to uppercase.
  • LOWER — translates uppercase letters to lowercase.

To modify these supplied tables, use the XLTMOD parameter record. The XLTMOD parameter record modifies the collating sequence of a table that you can use to translate input fields or records with the XLTALL or XLTFLD parameter records.

More information can be found in the 'List Conversion Plus User's Guide'.
UPDATED:  April 24, 2019