How to set up Bounce email configuration in Portrait Dialogue

Portrait Dialogue offers functionality to keep track of emails that have 'bounced'. For this to happen we have to configure the functionality in Dialog Admin.
Below are the steps to do this.

Step 1 : Open Dialog Admin. Browse to Dialog setup | Bounced email setup | Bounce configuration.
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Step 2: Create a new instance.
Step 3: The Bounced Email Configuration Properties window opens. In the General tab set a name for this bounce configuration. Under Customer Domain Field Mappings select the Customer Domain and table name that contains the email addresses.
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Step 4: Under the Incoming server tab enter the server name or IPv4 address of the server. The User name field should contain the email address of the mailbox that is going to handle the bounce report/automated out of office reply and you should also provide the password.
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Step 5: In the Outgoing server tab, provide the server name or IPv4 address of the server. A user name and password are not required.
Step 6: In the Bounce logic tab, for non-automatic handling of the email enter the email address that should receive the emails for manual handling.

Note: For more information on the manual handling of bounced emails please read the Bounce Configuration section in Dialog Admin help file.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017