How to create Basemaps from Ordnance Survey (OS) data in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
When raster data is supplied or is downloaded, it is not georeferenced in any way. This means that tiles will not display in a geographical relationship to each other when loaded into a GIS. In most occasions TIFF World Files (TFW) are provided so that the raster data can be geo-reference on the fly.  All the raster images should be placed in the same folder with its associated TFW file.  

If a TFW file is not available for your raster images you will have to do the process manually, please note this is the process of importing an image and assigning co-ordinates to points on it so it displays in the correct location and scale. MapInfo can open and register JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, BMP, TGA (Targa), and BIL (SPOT satellite).

To register an image, you need to register a minimum of four points. This requires that you first compare the image to the Ordnance Survey Mastermap to choose points that are easily identified in both images, 
  1. Open the image file using the Open Table button or menu command.
  2. In the open file dialogue, change the Type of File to raster image, and locate the file
  3. A prompt asking if you wish to display the image or register it will appear. Press Register
  4. The Image Projection box will now open:
Image Processing Window
  1. Press the Projection button and select the projection that the project is in. For projects based on Ordnance Survey maps, this will usually be British national Grid (EPSG 27700).
  2. Select the reference points in the image that were noted previously and enter the co-ordinates for each point. You will need to press the Add button to enter a new point, or you will overwrite the previous point.
  3. After all the points have been entered, press OK to process the registration.
UPDATED:  September 21, 2017