Setting up multi core processor support in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
MapInfo Professional v12.5 (both x32bit and x64-bit editions) has a ‘Concurrency' setting for improved processing speed by running some operations in parallel. When processing objects, the user can select how much of the operation to perform in parallel using more than one CPU or processor core. The default concurrency setting is set to ‘Full’ which means that all processors on the system perform the operation. To change the default concurrency, go to Options > Preferences > Performance (x32-bit edition) or Pro > Options > Performance (x64-bit edition)
The use of multiple cores only applies to certain operations/functionalities within MapInfo – namely buffering objects, and with overlay operations such as split, erase, erase outside, polyline split, and overlay nodes which is why you may not have noticed much difference in your CPU usage. For more information about this setting, please refer to the MapInfo Help menu topic called ‘New Concurrency Setting for Improved Processing’
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019