How to create a MapInfo Pro Workspace and use it in older versions of MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
Yes you can but only if you do not use a new feature that was introduced in this version.

For example if you create a MapInfo Pro 12.5 workspaces with the New Layout Designer Window, you would not be able to use that in MapInfo Pro ® 10.0.

If you choose to open workspaces in older versions of MapInfo Pro, please refer to the section: "File Versions and TAB, MIF/MID, and WOR Support" in the MapInfo Pro Help Guide to discover which features were introduced with the different releases of MapInfo Pro.

Before sending your workspace to a colleague using an older version of MapInfo Pro, you must open the workspace in a text editor and review the top three lines. The line highlighted in bold below dictates which version the workspace can be opened in.
!Version 1250
!Charset WindowsLatin1
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019