How to configure Port settings for the MapInfo Pro License Server Utility (LSU)

Port for License Server Utility
If the License Server Utility is running on a machine behind a firewall, the TCP/IP port for the license
server manager (lmgrd) and the vendor daemon (unisw20) should be explicitly specified in the license
file (MILICSERVER.lic).
The specified ports should be opened on the firewall.
The MILICSERVER.licfile is located in the LicenseServerUtilty installation folder.
The port information is specified in the first two (2) lines in the license file.
SERVER this_host ANY LicenseServerManagerPortnumber
VENDOR unisw20 PORT=VendorDemonPortNumber

The LicenseServerManagerPortnumber should be between 1–64000.

Note: After any change to the license file, the Pitney Bowes Software License Server service should be restarted
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019