How to locate documentation describing internal CASS error codes for Verimove (for example: 4101, 4102, etc.)

Products Affected:  Verimove
The Internal CASS error codes can be found in the Verimove User's Guide.  They are as follows:

Error Code Description

4101 No city, state, and ZIP Code in address.
4102 No ZIP Code and no city name in address.
4103 No ZIP Code and no state name in address.
4104 Unique ZIP Code - no input ZIP.
4211 Invalid ZIP Code and no city name in address.
4212 No ZIP Code and invalid city name in address.
4213 Invalid ZIP Code and invalid city name in address.
4300 ZIP Code not in Finalist database.
4301 No street name in input address.
4399 Blank address record.
4411 No primary street name found in Finalist database.
4412 Unable to rank primary street name with certainty. Suggestions may be available.
4421 Invalid range or house number.
4422 Incorrect or missing directional.
4423 Incorrect or missing suffix.
4425 Incorrect or missing suffix and directional.
4450 No range in input address.
4451 Multiple component failure. An address component had multiple options causing the address to fail assignment. 
4460 EWS Failure. Address found on EWS table.
4461 LOT assignment has failed. Address coded successfully but LOT code not assigned.
4500 Unable to code. If reason for inability to code cannot be determined, this error is issued.
4600 Undeliverable address in Finalist database.
4801 Address is locked and will not be processed.
5101 Warning: Missing apt/suite number.
5102 Warning: Apt/suite number is invalid or unavailable.
5103 Warning: Input firm name is missing or invalid.
5104 Warning: Multiple firms returned for address.
5105 Warning: Box number is invalid or unavailable.
5200 Information: Address bypassed counted correct in Process Unassign run.

UPDATED:  September 14, 2017