How to compile a MapBasic program in Russian text


Steps on how to compile MapBasic in Russian successfully. 

1. Users can use English MapBasic.
2. Users MUST regional settings to Russian.

4. Click on Start > Control Panel > Click on Region and Language.

5. Select Russian under the Formats drop down.
User-added image

6. Click on the Administrative Tab under Region and Language dialog. 

7. Click on the Change System Locale button and Select Russian.
User-added image
8. Computer will ask to reboot.

9. Once restarted. Copy user MapBasic .MB and paste content into Notepad and add Russian text in notepad into user code in specific areas. 

10. In Notepad click on File > Save As.

11. The file name will need to be saved with the  ".mb" after the file name and the "Save as Type" should be "All Files" type.
User-added image

12. Users should now be able to compile code successfully using Russian text for MapBasic.

UPDATED:  April 19, 2017