Installing the MapInfo PDF driver

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The MapInfo Pro PDF driver cannot be re-installed by itself without uninstallingf/re-installing MapInfo Pro.

To re-install the PDF driver, users must uninstall MapInfo Pro via Programs and features, not transfer the license when prompted,
and then re-install MapInfo Pro, which will re-install the MI Pro PDF driver.
MI Pro should open as activated. 

Note: if a user needs both a 32-bit version  AND 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro installed on the same machine, the 32-bit version must be installed first, and then install the 64-bit version.

If they are not installed in that order, then the installation of MapInfo Pro 32-bit version, will overwrite the installation of the MapInfo Pro 64-bit PDF driver.
Installing the 64-bit version after the 32-bit version will NOT overwrite the 32-bit installation of the PDF driver.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019