How to access Premium Services in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro ™
The following Premium services are available with a MapInfo Pro™ Premium license:
  • Add Bing Roads to Map –  add a Microsoft Bing layer to a map via Home>Open>Base Maps>Roads
  • Move Map To – re-centers map view to a new location by address or place name via Home>Tools Windows>Move To or via Map>Navigate>Move To.

You can check if your license is Premium by looking at the Serial Number. If the fourth letter is a "P" then the license is Premium. Otherwise, the license is Standard and Premium services are grayed out and are not accessible.

Premium services are also available during the evaluation period as a trial. Installing an evaluation gives you unlimited use of MapInfo Pro for a thirty (30) day courtesy period. There is an extra cost to upgrade to Premium from a Standard license. If a permanent Premium license is required then please contact your sales representative.
UPDATED:  June 17, 2019