Can you convert ArcGIS layer files to mapinfo tab in MapInfo Professional?

Products Affected:  MapInfo Professional
Unfortunately you won't be able to open the ArcGIS layer files in MapInfo Pro. The .lyr file is not a format which is supported by MapInfo Pro. Your supplier will need to provide you with a file format that MapInfo Pro supports.

You can import the following file formats into MapInfo Professional using the Universal Translator (on the File menu point to Universal Translator):
  • Autodesk AutoCAD DWG/DXF (.dxf, .dwg) — up to AutoCAD rel 2013
  • Bentley MicroStation Design 7 (.dgn)
  • Bentley MicroStation Design 8 (.pos, .fc1, .dgn)
  • ESRI ArcInfo Export (.e00)
  • ESRI Geodatabase (Personal Geodatabase) (.mdb)
  • ESRI Shapefile (.shp)
  • Google Earth KML (.kmz, kml)
  • Spatial Data Transfer Standard, such as TR01CATD.DDF (*CATD.DFF)
  • Vector Product Format (VPF) Coverage, such as POAREA.AFT, POLINE.LFT, POPOINT.PFT (.*ft)
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019