How to add row numbers into a table column in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
Product Feature: Browser
The following command can be used to add a row identification number to each row of a table. It is very important to make changes on a copy of the table; it may be necessary to use the original data at a later time. To make a copy of the table, use File>Save Copy As.
  1. Open the table in a browser window. (File > Open Table then Window > New Browser Window)
  2. Add a column  to the table in which to put the row identifier. Use Table > Maintenance > Table Structure. Click on Add field and then type in the name for the new column (e.g. the additional column is called Record# below). The type of the new field can be any numeric type.
  3. Set up the following Update Column statement (Table >  Update Column):
 User-added image
​Substitute the table name being used under the Update table field, and insert the name of the new column in the Column to Update field.

Note: MapInfo Pro permanently attaches a rowid to a row. If the record's position changes within the table (through addition or deletion) or if the row is moved to a new table, the rowid field will always contain the original row number. Perform another update on the rowid column to reset the number.
UPDATED:  November 1, 2017