Selecting Cookie98.mbx tool used to make subsets in MapInfo Professional

Products Affected:  MapInfo Professional
The attached third-party tool can be used to select a polygon and have that shape create a subset or "cutout" for all layers underneath the object listed in layer control.

- Detach and unzip the file to any folder on the hard drive.
- In MiPro, go to tools>Run MapBasic Progarm and go to the folder where thecookie cutter (cookie98.mbx) file was saved and unzipped.
- Move the layer with the desired polygon to the top of the list in layer control.
- Select the polygon to use as the "cutter"
- Tools>Cookie Cutter>cut cookie from map
- Save a subset of each layer listed by naming the subset as desired and save to a folder of choice.

***NOTE: This tool is a third-party program not created by Pitney Bowes and is
NOT SUPPORTED by Technical Support.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019