Setting the "Low Funds Warning" threshold on the DM300-DM475

Products affected:
DM300c™, DM400c™, DM475™ (G920)
DM300M™, DM400M™, DM475M™ (G922)
The meter warns when the postage in the machine reaches a certain amount. This Low Funds Warning acts as a reminder to add more postage to the meter. The funds value at which the meter displays a warning can be customized.

To set or change the Low Funds Warning value on your meter:
  1. Press the Options key.
  2. Select "Setup".
  3. Select "Postage Limits".
  4. Select "Low Funds".
  5. Enter the desired amount (the funds value below which the meter will give a warning).
  6. Select "OK".
  7. Press the Home key to return to the Home screen.
UPDATED:  20 July 2019