How to find common area of overlap for 3 polygon tables using Check Regions with MapInfo Professional

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
User has 3 polygon tables. all with identical table structure, and there are overlapping polygons between the 3 tables....

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The goal is to find the areas where ALL 3 tables overlap.

First, make a copy of table 1 and open it.
Then use "table>append rows to table" and table 2 to the copy of table 1 and save.

Create a table Shell:
Go to File>new and at next dialog select the "using table" option under "Table structure"
and select any one of the 3 open tables (which all have the same table structure).
Give this new table a name and location.

Make cosmetic layer editable, select all the records in the new table representing  table 1 and table 2
and then go to "objects>check region" and check the box for "detect overlaps" and click OK.
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New map objects representing the area of overlap will be created in the cosmetic layer -

Save this to the "table shell" you created above: 
- use Map>save cosmetic objects and select the table shell at the drop-down.
This will save those cosmetic objects to the Table Shell we created above.
Save the edit to this new table (File>save table)

Now append Table 3 to this table shell of overlaps for Tables 1 and 2 and save.
Now make cosmetic layer editable, select all objects in the table representing table 3 plus tables 1 and 2 overlaps and
go to Objects>Check Regions as done above and the resultant objects should represent the areas where all 3 objects overlap:
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To save these objects that represent the area of overlap for all 3 tables, repeat the table shell creation process above
to create another new table shell and then save the cosmetic objects of triple overlaps to this 2nd table shell.

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019