How to select between a specific range of attributes in a table in MapInfo Pro

Firstly it is necessary that the column which contains the ID number being used to identify the selection is a numerical column if you wanted to use the range function to select between a certain range of numbers. In the example below, a a table of postal codes called DC_ZIPS is used to illustrate this.
  1. The column which is converted to an ‘integer’ is the ZIP_Code column (previously it was set to ‘character’)
  2. The user can change the column type under Table > Maintenance > Table Structure… (x32-bit) or TABLE tab > Table > Modify Structure (x64-bit)
  3. Select the column then choose ‘integer’ from the Type dropdown
  4. After updating the column type the user can then perform a SQL Select using the following syntax (screenshot below illustrates this and in this example we will attempt to specify a range between 20001 and 20015)
  5. The user should end up with a selection table which only contains the specified range as the output
User-added image
Users can follow the same process as above by substituting the table name, column name and specified range to suit their own data.
UPDATED:  July 19, 2017