How should a raw Census Bureau Tiger Line Street table be formatted so that it can be used in MapInfo for geocoding

MapInfo Pro™
Preparing TIGER Street Files for Geocoding in MapInfo Pro
If data is downloaded in ESRI *.SHP format, then first convert it into MapInfo format (i.e. *.tab). with Home > Extensions > FME > Universal Translator.
NOTE:  Tiger 2010 data and later should be in the Longitude\Latitude (NAD 83) projection.
Second, after translation via the UT, or opening directly as a SHP file via File>Open, then performing a Home>Save Copy As to make a native TAB file, the data will need to cleaned up to make it workable with MapInfo's Spatial > Geocode
**Notice the differences between this and a regular StreetPro table:
Below is a Raw Data file translated into a MapInfo table:
User-added image
MapInfo will allow a single table to be used for Spatial geocoding provided it is set up in the following manner with the names and types formatted exactly as entered below.  Modify each corresponding record in the original TIGER file to this format in this order using Table Ribbon >Table>Modify Structure.

User-added image
**Zip_Left4 and Zip_Right4 are optional fields if Zip+4 zip codes are to be used.
To get all the street parts (Prefix, StreetName, Type, and Suffix) into one field, these fields will need to be concatenated together.  First, create a new field via Table Ribbon >Table>Modify Structure called 'Street' (without the quotes), character type (~30) and index this field.
Follow the Structure for each field in Raw Table where columns match up similar. See Table > Structure below.
User-added image
Now the table is modified having used the Table > Modify Structure
The Street Table is now ready for geocoding to street segment.

User-added image
Once the table is set, Make Copy of this table > Home > Save > Copy As, Rename to Geocode_table (ie., example)
Open the new Table.
Home >Open Table > Gecode_Table
Select Table > and select Spatial > Geocode
User-added image
Make sure that the geocode table is the (Geocode_Table) and using Column is set for the (Street) column.
Search Table should be the Street Table (tl_2016_36091_roads)
For Objects in is the Street column. Click OK to Geocode.
Below is the expected result match.
User-added image
Click Add From Layer control to display the newly geocoded table to street segments using the (Geocode_Table)
See the results with this example.

User-added image
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019