MapXtreme.NET: Creating LegacyText

As of now, MXT provides below constructors for LegacyText:

LegacyText(CoordSys,DRect, String)
LegacyText(CoordSys,DRect, Double, String)
LegacyText(CoordSys,DRect, Double, String, CalloutLineType, DPoint)

So, only way to create legacytext is with a DRect, which also determines the bounds of the text. And, once LegacyText object is created, it's possible to get size of DRect via bounds.

There is no way where a LegacyText object can be created with text, zoom/scale, font and font size or any set of parameter without a DRect. 

If such facility is required, it would be new feature request in MXT and should be prioritized by product management.
UPDATED:  December 10, 2019