MapInfo Pro and moving the centroid of an object

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
For 32-bit versions of Professional:

1. Choose Map>Layer Control and highlight the layer the object is in.

2. Make the layer editable.

3. Choose the "Display" button.

4. Put a check in the box for "Show Centroids"

5. Press the OK buttons to get back to the map.

6. Select the object with the centroid to be moved.

7. Choose Edit>Reshape.

8. Select the centroid and move it to the desired location.

** The centroid cannot be moved outside the region, an error will be thrown that it must remain in the region.

9. Save the table through File>Save Table.

For 64-bit versions, the re-shape option is at the Spatial tab.

Note: moving the centroid of an object affects the location of auto-labels.

UPDATED:  December 3, 2019