Issues with custom code in Portrait Dialogue

When experiencing problems when using Portrait Dialogue™ solution (PD) which are specific to a customers specific implementation beyond the 'out of the box' functionality, then it is necessary to return to the Services team (internal or external) that was responsible for creating or implementing the bespoke solution.
This could be Pitney Bowes Professional Services, a System Integrator Partner, or the customers own technical resources. 
Below are examples of the types of issue which require Services involvement (this list is not exhaustive).
  • Implementation issues
    • Installation issues
    • Configuration issues
    • Third party software (Databases, Web Server, Operating systems, etc.)
  • Training
  • Customization
    • Custom Functions
    • Custom Plugins
  • Database related
    • Domain queries
    • Custom triggers
    • Custom and/or non standard tables
    • Custom Stored Procedures
    • Custom SSIS packages
    • Custom Reporting
  • etc.
If you are not sure about this, you can open a case with Software Support and we will be able to help determine whether you require additional help beyond standard support. 
UPDATED:  September 3, 2018