How to create a ten minute walking radius in MapInfo Drivetime

Product Feature: Routing
Product: MapInfo Drivetime

There must be some adjustments in MapInfo Drivetime before a walking boundary can be created.

Modifying the Matrix table to reflect walking speeds
  • The network comes with a matrix table which holds the speeds for each road category. This matrix table can be found in the network destination folder. This can be found in Drivetime under: Drivetime > Network Settings > Binary Network 
  • Please open this file in MIPro and save this as a copy, e.g.
  • Open this copy in MapInfo Pro as well and update the speed column of each row to the value you like. Please reflect that the speeds might be in mph or km/h depending on the country. But this can easily seen at the Motorway speed.
  • You can use the Table > Update Column command of MapInfo Pro to modify the file (
  • Now modify the Drivetime network settings so this new file is used and exclude for examples motorways from traveling Drivetime > Network Settings > Binary Network and enable Overwrite speeds using new matrix table  
Modify off network ambient speed
  • The default ambient speed is 3 mph or 5 km/h. If this is faster or slower you want to set you values to, you need to modify this setting as well
  • For this go to Drivetime > Preferences > Route and modify the values for ambient speed accordingly.    
Now you should be setup to create a 10 mins walking drivetime (boundary). 
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019