How to find the MapInfo Pro TAB file limitations

TAB files do have some limitations, they are restricted to 250 columns and can only contain a record length 4000 bytes of data. Each type will use a different amount of data as shown below:
•    SmallInt = 2 bytes
•    Integer = 4 bytes
•    Float = 8 bytes (double precision)
•    Logical = 1 byte
•    Decimal = width * 1 byte
•    Char() = width * 1 byte
•    Date = 4 bytes
•    DateTime = 8 bytes
•    Time = 4 bytes

We would recommend checking your Decimal and Char type records to make sure they are the length you actually need. We have often seen some records of 250 characters (so 250 bytes) when they are intended only to be used for storing postcodes so you can save some considerable space using the correct type and lengths.

Since version 12.0 we have increased these limitations to 63,500 bytes. Tables with record lengths that exceed 4000 bytes will save with a version number of 1200 which means that they will only be accessible by MapInfo Pro 12.0 or later.

If you are unable to upgrade or reduce the record lengths then we would recommend splitting your data in to two tables. You could then use a join within MapInfo Pro to access the data required.
UPDATED:  November 22, 2017