MapInfo Professional: Restrictive use of the CPU and the Performance Settings

There are no settings in place in MapInfo Pro that restrictive how much of the CPU it uses. Some operations make takes 6%, some make take 30% and some take more. Its all depend on operation run, data size, complexity and how that operation is implemented in Pro.

Performance Setting
There is a functionality in MapInfo Pro that allows you to make use of its multiple cores. This functionality is turned on by default. To make use if this you will need to :
  • Go to Options>Performance... and in the displayed dialog there are multiple levels of concurrency.
  • Make sure that "Full" is the selected one.
Apply this setting will make use of the CPU power and spread the work of an operation to the multiple cores on the machine.

The operations that are now using this new performance capability are:
Split, Erase, Erase Outside, Polyline Split, and Overlay Nodes.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019