How to do MapInfo Professional docking toolbars


From the MapInfo Pro 15.0 on-line Help:

Using Toolbars

Customizing the MapInfo Pro Toolbars gives you more control over your mapping environment. You can learn how to use the buttons by referring to the entries under the individual button names.

Docking Toolbars

To dock a toolbar:

  • Click on the Toolbar's title bar and drag it to one of the sides of the application.

Floating Toolbars

The toolbars are in a fixed position when they are docked. When the toolbars are not docked, they are floating and can be moved anywhere in the window.

To change a docked toolbar to a floating toolbar:

  • Click the toolbar's background area and drag it away from the area. The toolbar is restored to its previous size.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019