How to make MapInfo version XYZ the default version

Product Feature: Installation
Product: MapInfo Professional, MapInfo Pro
To make any MapInfo version the default opening version double clicking a TAB or WOR  you need to register it again in Windows.

Usually the last installed version will be the default version.

To change this follow the below steps:
  • Open Start > Run 
  • Type or paste the following there:
    • 32bit: "<APPLICATION PATH>\Mapinfow.exe" -regserver
    • 64bit: "<APPLICATION PATH>\MapInfoPro.exe" -regserver
  • Example (assuming running on a 64bit machine): 
    • 32bit: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\Professional\Mapinfow.exe" -regserver
    • 64bit: "C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfoPro.exe" -regserver
Note! According to the regional settings " must be replaced with ' in the registration string. 
UPDATED:  September 8, 2017