Understanding MapInfo Professional and use of the Dispersed Group Symbol Set

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
When point objects display at the same coordinate, users can miss the significance of their proximity because the data overlaps each other, preventing one from making the connection. How can MapInfo Professiona™l help users see this data more clearly?  

The new Dispersed Groups symbol font gives users a way to create map symbols that represent different organizations, events, or services that occupy the same coordinate location without overlapping each other. When users zoom out from the coordinate point, these symbols display around the coordinate point side by side. 

This symbol style is useful in several industries:

• Crime mapping: See multiple incidents at the same address and for traffic incident analysis.
• Insurance: See multiple policy holders, policies, claims, or inspection requirements at the same address.
• Wireless telco: See multiple assets on the same mast/tower.
• Health care: See multiple incidents at the same address.
• Retail: See multiple attributes of a retail store, for example what internal franchised departments it contains or specific services that it offers.

To use this font in ones current symbols:

1. Open a file that contains the points one wants to use this font for.

2. Make the layer that contains those points editable.

3. Select one set of points using Select, SQL Select, or by clicking them with a select tool.

4. From the Options menu, select Symbol Style. The Symbol Style dialog box displays.

5. From the Font drop down list, select the MapInfo Dispersed Group option.

6. Click the Symbol drop-down list to display the display options for the font.

Figure: Symbol Style with Dispersed Group Symbols Displaying

User-added image

Example of small group of dispersed group symbols. When you use the symbols in the same group for a coordinate location, you can see multiple symbols on the map.

7. Select the symbol, the color and the other features wanted for this custom symbol. Click OK.

8. Repeat this process for the other set of points. Click OK.

User-added image

The red point indicates the arson reports and the green point indicates the robbery.  These points are located at the same coordinate address but can be viewed more distinctly as you zoom out.

UPDATED:  December 3, 2019