How to use check regions to create objects representing the intersections of polygons in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

The "Check Regions" functionality can be used in MapInfo Pro to create objects representing the intersection of polygons. The created object will not have any of the disaggregated data from the parent polygons..

Here is a table with intersecting polygons.
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Make the Test table editable via layer control, select all the polygons and choose Objects>Check Region, set for "Detect Overlaps":

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Here is the result of that operation:
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Unselect the areas of intersection ("footballs") and select the polygons :

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Choose "Objects>Set Target" then select the areas of intersection, ("footballs") and choose "Objects>Erase".

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The end result of this procedure should be a table of the areas of intersection ("footballs") and polygons (minus the areas of overlap):

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If using a large table of polygons so that selecting the polygons is excessively tedious, make the Cosmetic Layer editable before using Check Regions.
This will place the areas of intersection ("footballs") into the Cosmetic Layer. 
Make the Test table editable, then run a  "select all from..." or similar query to select the polygons.
Choose Objects>Set Target, then select the areas of intersection ("footballs") and choose Object>Erase.
Then, choose Map>Save Cosmetic Objects and save the areas of intersection ("footballs") to the Test table.

To return a set of non-overlapping objects without the data (in the above example, the yellow regions have no data), 
try the Enclose operation. The same results will be returned in a single step, but none of the results will contain any data.


UPDATED:  December 2, 2019