MapInfo Professional and features that version stamp a table (.tab) or workspace (.wor) file 1520 after using v15.2 64bit

If a table or workspace was created using new features of version 15.2 64-bit, older versions such as 12.5.2 64-bit or 12.5 32-bit cannot open the files.  When opening the .tab, .mif, or .wor in notepad or other text editor, the version of the file will show 1520 to indicate a feature introduced in v15.2 64-bit was used and that will be the earliest version of MiPro that will open the file.  Older versions cannot open a file from that version since older versions will not have the features accessed by v15.2.

This chart from the MiPro v15.2 help file lists the various features used within v15.2 64bit that will create a version 15.2 (1520) .tab, .mif/.mid, and .wor:

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UPDATED:  December 6, 2019