How to determine under what circumstances CODE-1 Plus or Finalist would change a house number

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist
When CODE-1 Plus or Finalist changes an address, it is important to check the LACS return codes to see if this is the reason. In the case below, the LACS return code is an A which means it is a LACS record match; the Y indicates it is a full match.  

CODE-1 Plus is changing the following house number from 117 to 153:

   Primary Addr: 117 S Rice St                                   
       City, ST: Brevard NC                                      
       ZIP Code:           Urb Name:                          
    USPS County: TRANSYLVANIA                                  
   Matched Addr: 153 S RICE ST                                 
 City,State ZIP: BREVARD NC  28712-3721                        
   LACSLink  RC: A
   LACSLink Ind: Y

UPDATED:  July 11, 2019