Updating the MapInfo Pro License Server Utility (LSU)

Products affected: MapInfo License Server Utility™
Upgrading the MapInfo License Server Utility (LSU) is a simple and straight forward process, even if the LSU is already
serving activated seats for multiple versions of MapInfo Pro. 
The most recent LSU can activate and serve licenses from the most recent MapInfo Pro release, as well as any previous versions of MapInfo Pro.
Therefore with each new release of MapInfo Pro, it is essential to upgrade the LSU to the latest version as well.

After downloading and extracting the latest version of the LSU to the server where the current LSU is installed, a user with Admin rights should run the Install setup (right-click > Run as Admin).
The installer will detect if any previous versions of the LSU are installed and safely update that LSU to the new version, preserving all activated and served licenses present in the old LSU.

Please note:
  1. Each LSU version should be installed by user with full admin rights (right-click installer > Run as Administrator)
  2. If a firewall is in use and the MILICSERVER.lic file has been customized with a defined VENDOR port, then user must re-specify  the .appropriate Port in the lic file, as the LSU update will overwrite that custom file with a default .lic file. Please see the LSU User Guide (LicenseServerUtility.pdf) found on the LSU download page, for more details.
For a demonstration of these steps please watch this video:

NOTE: From v17.0.x the LSU must be updated when the MapInfo version is updated i.e. v17.0.2 requires LSU v5.0 or higher - check Release Notes for minimum LSU version required
UPDATED:  December 2, 2019