MapInfo Professional or MapMarker error using a v15.2 table or higher: File is not a valid table, workspace, or application - Unable to open table

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™ 12.5.2 or lower
When trying to open a table in MiPro 12.5.2 or older or MapMarker, an error is generated if the table was created with the new MapInfo Extended or NativeX table format available starting with v.15.2 64bit MiPro or higher.

Version 12.5.2 (64bit)/12.5 (32bit) or older of MapInfo Professional or MapMarker cannot open the new table version called MapInfo Extended or NativeX that was introduced with version 15.2 (64bit) of MapInfo Professional.

Typical errors are similar to the following:
- File is not a valid table, workspace, or application
- Unable to open table....(table name)

Depending on the size or features in the MapInfo Extended .tab, it may be possible to use MiPro to create a copy of the file and edit the version stamp of the .tab file in notepad or other text editor.

Try the following process:
- In MapInfo Professional v15.2 or higher 64bit version, use save copy as.... and select the table with the problem and click Save As...
- Click the "Save as type:" dropdown and select MapInfo (*.tab) as shown in the screen shot.
User-added image
- In windows explorer/My Computer, go to the folder where the copy was saved.
- Right-Click on the file and select Open With and choose Notepad (make sure to UNcheck the box to always use notepad)
Modify the - !version  - number from 1520 to 1250 or older.  Then go to file>save to commit the change and close the notepad file.
User-added image

User-added image
- Try opening in MiPro or MapMarker to see if the table can be accessed.  

If an error is still received, there is most likely a feature that the older version of MiPro or MapMarker cannot work with even though the version designation was changed.  The table will have to be rebuilt or opened in MiPro v15.2 or a newer version of MapMarker or Discover.
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019