MapInfo Pro - how to create nodes at set intervals on a polyline

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The 'Add Nodes' function in MapCAD tools can be used to achieve this by following the steps below:
  1. After loading MapCAD via the Tools menu, select the polyline object of interest and make the layer editable in the Layer Control
  2. Turn ON 'Snap' mode by pressing 'S' on the keyboard
  3. Look for the icon User-added image in the MapCAD tool bar and click on it
  4. A crosshair with a double circle around it should appear and replace the mouse cursor at this point
  5. Hover over the starting point in the polyline and it should automatically snap to it. Click and drag it to the end point and then let go once it snaps onto the end point
  6. A 'Segmenting' dialog box should appear at this point which presents the user with 'fixed' distance interval options
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019