Verimove getFileHTTPs returns the following error: <407> Proxy Authentication Required


When getFileHTTPs generates a <407>Proxy Authentication Required message, the following steps should be taken to resolve the error:
  •        Verify that there is an internet proxy set up on the machine that is throwing the error.  To get that information, go to Control Panel, select “Internet Options”, select the Connections tab, and then select LAN settings.
  •        Once it has been determined that there is an internet proxy set up, the following should be entered on the DOS command line to test if the proxy information that is being entered is valid (using the appropriate directory, username, and password):
                      C:\PB\VeriMove\Utilities>getfilehttps.exe username password dailydelete -ascii –proxy
  •       This switch on the command line will then ask interactively what the proxy settings are and try to connect.
  •       Once the proper proxy information is obtained, enter the proxy server details into the ConfigUtility.exe utility.  Any Username/Password/ListID can be entered in this situation (for example, User, Pass, 000000).
  •       Check the “Enable Proxy” box and enter the appropriate host name, port number, logon id, and password (same that was originally entered for interactive).
  •       Try to run getFileHTTPs once again.

UPDATED:  April 20, 2017