Processing Category values in Verimove

Products Affected:  Verimove
Below is a description of each Processing Category option.  This information is from the USPS End User's Licensee Performance Requirement Guide:

NCOALink is intended solely for use as a Mailing List update tool. Testing of any kind using NCOALink is generally discouraged by USPS. However, USPS does acknowledge that certain testing is necessary. In an effort to obtain an accurate statistical reporting regarding addresses updated by NCOALink, the type of processing must be accurately and consistently recorded. Therefore, the following list of codes must be used to populate the “PROCESSING CATEGORY” field in the service log:
CodeDescriptionDisposition of Results
EMP TRAINFile processed as part of
employee training.
Results discarded; no update
performed or information released
INT DB TSTTesting involving proprietary
Licensee database.
No updates performed; results
discarded after analysis.
NORMALProcess mailing list for
update prior to mailing.
COA information obtained and
updates performed.
STAGE ITest of matching
performance against USPS
self-test file.
Results used for internal program
analysis and subsequently
STAGE IITest of matching
performance scored by
Output transmitted to USPS for
evaluation and discarded when
test results finalized.
SYS TESTFile processed as part of
system testing such as
loading of USPS file
Results discarded; no updates
performed or information released.

UPDATED:  August 29, 2019