How to manually link map objects with data in MapInfo Pro

Here's how to manually associated map objects such as regions, etc. to specific records from a table of data, from an imported Excel spreadsheet for example..

1. Open up an Excel spreadsheet and check the option to
 ‘Create copy in MapInfo format for read/write’ 
User-added image

​2. Go to Table > Maintenance > Table Structure > check the ‘Table is Mappable’ checkbox and click OK

User-added image

3.. Go to Window > New Map Window  and make the table ‘editable’ by checking the 'editable" checkbox in Layer Control/Explorer
4. Select a row in the table to create an object for then create the object in the map window which is currently open e.g. in the screenshot below a polygon was created:

User-added image

When the table is saved, the selected map object is now associated with the specific record in spreadsheet.

Note: if the object is to create points or "geocode" the data in the spreadsheet, based on address info such as street, city, state and zip, then
see the section "Putting Your Data on the Map", starting in p. 263 in the Working with Your Data Chapter in the MapInfo Pro User's Guide
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019