Using the Dispatch Manager in VeriMove

Product affected: Verimove™
Product Feature: Scripting
Operating System: Windows Platform


The File watcher process in VeriMove called "Dispatch Manager" is used to automate the Job process.

When creating a new event you must specify the path to the executable. You must create your own executable (.bat) file to point to. In the executable you will have to add the jobdef and mu.exe or ftcmd.exe. 
Make sure that you are doing a CD to the Verimove path before running mu.exe.

Snippet of batch example:

CD /D %VeriMove_Path%

ECHO STEP_03.1 - VERIMOVE JobDef - %VeriMove_JobDef%
ECHO Start Time: %date% %time%
ECHO -------------------------------

UPDATED:  May 2, 2019