Understanding the MapInfo Pro Bing Patch

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Access to the Microsoft Bing services from within MapInfo Professional must to be renewed annually (for all versions). 

Bing is licensed by Pitney Bowes from Microsoft, and the agreement between these companies requires the MapInfo Pro license, if not under a current maintenance agreement.

Therefore use of Bing Imagery within MapInfo Pro ends every year on December 31 at midnight, for all versions (10.52 and later) 

For users on Maintenance for MapInfo Pro, the designated "contact of record" for the account is sent an email towards the end of the year explaining how and why to patch MapInfo Pro to allow the continued use of Bing imagery.
Note: Typically, the most current version of MapInfo Pro will not require patching.

The patch updates the licensing component on the local installation of MapInfo Pro to extend the use of Bing imagery.

The End User will require permissions similar to those required to initially activate the software. There is no option to apply this patch automatically across a large number of Users, as the update is dependent on the maintenance agreement linked to each individual user's machine/license.

Users of MapInfo Pro who are under maintenance and have not received the Bing Patch information (including download URL and password) should contact Tech Support, who can then verify that the account is under Maintenance and entitled to the Bing patch.

UPDATED:  June 25, 2019