How to batch-update the position of points on a map using MapBasic

Products affected: MapBasic™
When changing the geometry of objects it is best to use the "Alter Object" syntax in conjunction with the ObjectGeography() function.

There is a sample of this taken from the MapBasic Help Guide taken below:

Geography clause

By issuing an Alter Object statement with a Geography clause, you can alter an object's geographical coordinates. The Geography clause applies to all object types except for polylines and regions. To alter the coordinates of a polyline or region object, use the Node clause (described below) instead of the Geography clause.

The Geography clause lets you modify the same attributes that you can query through the ObjectGeography( ) function. For example, you can obtain a line object's end coordinates by calling the ObjectGeography( ) function:

Dim o_cable As Object
Dim x, y As Float
x = ObjectGeography(o_cable, OBJ_GEO_LINEENDX)
y = ObjectGeography(o_cable, OBJ_GEO_LINEENDY)
Conversely, the following Alter Object statements let you alter the line object's end coordinates:

Alter Object o_cable
Alter Object o_cable

Note: You use the same codes (e.g., OBJ_GEO_LINEENDX) in both the ObjectGeography( ) function and the Alter Object statement.

For further information on this please search for "Alter Object statement" in the MapBasic Help Guide.
UPDATED:  October 6, 2017